Parvati Masterclasses

Parvati Records Masterclasses
Parvati Records Masterclasses

In the month of October of the year 2018 we started a project called “Parvati Records Workshops” in collaboration with our friends of the Mountain Blast Guest House in Tirol, Austria.
We have been able to run 3 Workshops before being stopped by the “Corona virus” just before we were about to hold the 4th in the April of this past spring 2020.

The great success and feedback that we got for the Workshops, with sold out classes of students coming to Austria from all over the world, was the clear proof of the validity of this project, confirming the wide interest for learning music production directly from experienced psy-trance producers. Therefor it was with great disappointment and sad feelings that we had to cancel the Workshops in Austria but at the same time we kept the will to continue with this experience.
So now, while it is still impossible to travel normally and join physically Workshops Classes, we have decided to launch in the month of January 2021 The Parvati Online Master Classes where producers from Parvati Records and from other Labels will share their studio’s knowledge about different subjects related to Music Production.

To book your place:
Price for each Masterclass will be 50 Euro: the payment of this fee will give access to the Masterclass online and a recorded copy of it in the following days. YOU WILL NEED A GOOGLE ACCOUNT TO HAVE ACCESS TO THE RECORDED FILE.
1) Send us an email at with a screenshot of the payment attached and let us know the “display name” that you are going to use. To facilitate the admission at the masterclasses, its very important that you let us know which display name you are going to use. To change DISPLAY NAME on Zoom: Settings – Profile – Edit my profile; (Browser) Login – Edit display name.
2) About 12 hours before the meeting we will send you the invitation codes at the same email used for the payment. If you are using a different email for payment, be sure to let us know and don’t forget to tell us your “display name” which is what will grant you an easy access at the meeting.

For more infos send mail at:

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