Third Eye of Monkey Masterclass

Third Eye Monkey
Fundamental & Creative Lead Synthesis. Synthesis with “Buchla Easel V” and “Vital”

BIO of Third Eye of Monkey

In this Parvati Masterclass you will learn from one of the latest producers added to Parvati Records, Third Eye of Monkey, introducing his first ever masterclass focused on “Leads” design.
He is Daniel Neria, based in Mexico City, a talented young man who comes from an indigenous artist family in Oaxaca, Mexico. Daniel studied engineering, but once he started producing music as Third Eye of Monkey, his love for music became stronger over the years.
Daniel created one of the most interesting Forest-Psy music projects coming out of Mexico, adding a special touch of his Meso-American roots into his tunes. Sounds from organic to synthetic, from deep to aggressive, with strong and driving basslines…
As Third Eye of Monkey, Daniel has worked with several Forest music labels from different countries, releasing his music in 27 compilations and 2 EP’s. His third and most awaited EP is now in the making and will be released on Parvati Records.
“Parvati is more than a music label, it’s a music genre… a life style” -Daniel Neria.

You will learn the Third Eye of Monkey ́s technics on the great BUCHLA EASEL V and on one of the most recent game changer instruments from nowadays, VITAL.

He will show how to create unique “FM Leads”, lead sequences and much more:
-Sequential Voltage Source.
-Envelope Generator.
-Modulation Oscillator.
-Complex Oscillator. -Output Section.
-Internal FX’s
-GRAVITY (Y-X Modulations).

-Expandable Modulations.
-Advanced Random.
-Wavetable Editor.
-Stereo Modulations.
-Intuitive LFO Editor.


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