Ulvae Masterclass

Percussion and Drums Design, Composition and Layering

This first Master Class with Parvati Records Artists will be held by Ulvae. Ulvae’s music is characterized by deep “swinging groovy” drums and percussions that work in harmony with all the other sound elements.
Ulvae will guide us through designing drums and percussion and layering them into a Forest track. He will demonstrate his approach to workflow and creativity using different methods.

This Master Class will be conducted in Cubase Pro 10. The methods being taught can easily be adapted to any DAW, as in the end, the DAW of choice is just a tool to reach the final goal of producing a track.
In this session Ulvae will show us how to create loops and use these techniques to make “hooks”. He will also discuss EQ and dynamics and how he arranges and mixes all these elements together into his tracks.

Ulvae’s music is known for particular and singular details and in this Master Class there will be the opportunity to go deeper into the subject of his compositions, where drums and percussion aren´t just the tempo and groove of a track, but also how a variety of random sounds can be used to create atmospheres and psychedelic soundscapes. Rules will be broken to push creativity further!
At the end of the Master Class there will be a one hour “question & answer” session, where you can ask to clarify any part of the class or the techniques presented.

  • Program –
  • Audio samples
  • Audio editing
  • Loops
  • Composition and Arrangement
  • Dynamics and Rhythm
  • Plugins and Fxs
  • Phase and Frequency Masking
  • Groups and Sends
  • Panning
  • EQ
  • Mixing


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