Arjuna Masterclass

Arjuna Masterclass:
06/06/2021 @13CET (Berlin time)
Sound Design with Access Virus TI

Over the years, Access Virus has become a very popular name in the toolkit of Psytrance producers. The key to its success as an iconic music production tool is its user friendly interface and its extensive modulation features that offer endless possibilities.

Virus TI was the first hardware synthesizer that Arjuna managed to get his hands on and after decades it is still one of his most used synths.

In this masterclass Arjuna will demonstrate how he designs his trademark sounds using Virus TI (VST) and experiments with an extensive range of parameters to create cutting edge textures.

The class will cover the following topics:

-Overview of the Virus TI VST:
A brief overview of the synth, its features and how it all works in case anyone is not familiar with the user interface.

-Sound design:
How to create bass and percussive sounds, leads, squelches and pads by experimenting with different modulation combinations and effects.

-Input process:
Processing external audio samples with the Virus TI effects and modulations.

-Preset deconstruction:
Breakdown of Arjuna’s typical sounds with step by step guidance on the signal flow and process. The presets will be saved in a soundbank and will be available to all the participants.

Live question and answers.

Although this masterclass will focus on Arjuna’s approach to create sounds and scapes using the Virus TI software, most of the techniques used can also be applied to other synthesizers like Serum, Vital, Pigments and many other subtractive synthesizers out there.

The class is divided in 3 videos for a total of 6 hours length

Software used: Virus TI and Cubase

Live session on Zoom
Date: 06/06/2021 @13 CET (Berlin time)


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