Atropp Masterclass

Atropp Masterclass
16/05/2021 @17CET
The ultimate Kick & Bass guide
A technical approach to the foundation of the track

In this course we will take a technical approach on how Bruno Azalim (from Nargun, Atropp and Onionbrain projects) build the foundation of his tracks: the Kick and the Bass. Learn the intricate details on how to make the base of your tracks sound fat and tight.

● KICK: Kick2 (Sonic Academy)
In this first part we will take a look at the anatomy of a good kick, and how to manage this on Kick 2.
-How does ‘Kick2’ works?

● BASS 1: VB1
-How does ‘VB-1’ works?
-The VB sound (with examples)
-How to process it

Following the program we will take a look at the method i use most for basslines, but also the more limited in terms of timbre.

● BASS 2: Serum and Sylenth
-Basic Bass Synthesis on Serum and Sylenth
-The difference from VB-1
-How to process it
Here we jump into a more common subtractive synthesis approach and compare it with the previous bass to see their pros and cons.

Finally we will check how to glue both kick and bass together and make it sound fat and tight.
-Gluing them together
-Volume Balance
-Phase Alignment
-Sidechaining (with a normal compressor or LFOtool)
-Timbre Adjustment
-Group Processing

● The creative part
-Different bass grooves and how to progress between them
-Plugin options for stutter and stretch
And here we will take a look at techniques that make the kick and bass more interesting to the listeners with some special tricks that i use on my tracks.

EXTRA: Pack with Kick samples and Presets done on the class


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