Decomposer Masterclass

Decomposer: Remix Psytrance into downtempo – 25th April 2021 – @ 13.00 CET
Innovative strategies and solutions

BIO of Decomposer

Agostino Maria Ticinois is a composer/producer/ sound designer born in Italy, in San Severino Marche (Macerata). He grew up in a very “musical” family: his father was the co-owner of the local Radio Station from where Agostino inherited a huge collection of Vinyls of both Italian and International music. He studied classical guitar since he was 10 and then later on he started to play in various underground bands of his area. In the end of the ’90s he started to discover electronic music and in 2001 he moved to Roma quickly becoming part of the local experimental electronic and techno scene: producing, mixing and ending up playing in some of the best Italian Clubs and Festivals. As a Studio and Hardware geek, Agostino is also the founder of the “Museum of Italian Shynts”.
Moving between different downtempo and techno styles he has a huge production of tracks released since 2012 in various Label with his solo project “Decomposer” and also in collaboration with other producers such as Robert Lippok, Master Margherita, D’Arcangelo.
His connection with Psytrance Music become more and more strong during the past years and his Music brought him to play in the Alternative Floors of many Festival aound the world such as OZORA (each year from 2013 to 2018), MODEM (2013-2018), SONICA (2015-2017), WAO (2015-2017, ATMAN (2018) and more.
Together with Marco Mentale, Decomposer is today also managing Orbita Parvati the new sub label of Parvati Records dedicated to Downtempo and Experimental Music where he also released an EP with remixes of 4 tracks previously published in Parvati Records by Arjuna, Atriohm, Confo and Ulvae.


-Analysis of the single elements that characterize the song
(What i am keeping from the original song? What am i modifying and above all, why?)

-Arrangement: Think before doing. Write the general song idea before start making sounds.

-Harmony and Chord progression: A short overview and a few little tricks to do the right thing

-Sampling: My strategies and short cuts (Ableton simpler and sampler, Hardware solutions)

-Sample manipulation: My secret weapons (Reaktor, Ableton, some spicy VST and my analog chain of FX)

-Synth pads and synth strings: my suggestions and taste.

-All about my drums: Analog & Digital drums, Synth percussion, Percussion as melody line, my favourite sounds

  • Mix:
    _clean up the original sample: all my techniques
    _basic idea of mix
    _instruments position on Hz range
    _positioning sounds in a 3D environment
    _locate the correct place for my sounds

-Question and Answer

  • Track that will be used in the masterclass: Atriohm – The Invisible Manifesto (Decomposer RMX)


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