Ulvae Masterclass

20/03/2022 @12.00 CET (Berlin time)
Create & Design Psychedelic Soundscapes

After the first Parvati Records Masterclass about Drums and Percussion, Ulvae brings us a new session focused on Atmospheres, Ambiences and Textures.

It is noticeable in Ulvae’s music how Atmospheres creates deep organic Soundscapes and how they fill the space between silence and sound giving much richness to the track.

Atmospheres are the mystic and emotional elements in a track. In simple way, it’s what sets the “mood” of the track.

When writing and composing Atmospheric sounds, it´s imperative to control the “positive and negative” spaces in the track so all the sounds are well balanced and in their right places.
Atmospheres should bring and connect all the sounds together in harmony.

In this Masterclass, Ulvae will guide us through the creation and sound design of atmospheric sounds, the composition and layering of these sounds in the track, and also the techniques he uses to make all the sounds work and fit together.

We will go through Ulvae´s favourite tools such as the Access Virus TI, Sonic Charge Echobode, Eventide Audio Blackhole, Black Box HG2, FabFilter Pro and A1 Trigger Gate to name a few.

This Masterclass will be conducted in Cubase Pro 10. All the methods can easily be adapted to any DAW as in the end, they are just a tool to reach the final goal 🙂

The duration of this Masterclass will be around 3 hours with a live “Question & Answer” at the end of the lesson.

There are no rules for creating and writing music and the main goal here is to see how Ulvae creates his Psychedelic Soundscapes and at the same time, offer new perspectives which hopefully will help you to make a difference in your own productions.

Sound Design
Composition and Arrangement
Audio Editing and Layering
Plugins and FX´s
EQ and Mixing
Phase and Frequency Masking
Groups and Send Channels


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