Farebi Jalebi Masterclass

Farebi Jalebi
Getting creative with FL Studio – Essential production technics and tips & tricks

In this master class Farebi Jalebi will create a blueprint of a track using FL Studio’s many creative elements and distinguished features such as the classic Pattern View and other midi and audio sampling techniques.
He will showcase essential production steps using popular native FL plugins such as the Granulizer, Controllers, Gross-beat to name a few, as well as discuss the benefits of FL Studio as a powerful sampler.
The session will also give you a look into his approach using FL as a tool to boost creativity and accelerate the creation of ideas. From time to time, we will focus on mixing techniques, as well as geek out to go a bit deeper into automation and routing.
The workshop will be centred around FL Studio as a DAW, rather than technicalities of music production in general. It is best suited for beginner to intermediate FL Studio users, but FL gurus and other DAW users are welcome to join as there’s always a possibility to learn something that you may like to use in your own production, especially since FL can be re-wired with other DAWs!


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