Anarkick Masterclass

01/08/2021 @10.00 CET (Berlin time)
-Arranging a track in 5 hours-
Unveiling the potential of Ableton Session View

BIO of Anarkick

This particular masterclass is in collaboration with Sangoma records and will be held by Anarkick, one of the artists who has recently joined the label.
The mind behind the project of Anarkick is Leo Wafayar, who grew up in Goa and was able to witness the beginning and the evolution of the music scene there from the early 90’s, personally experiencing the passage from the first forms of electronic music into what we now call Psytrance.
In ’96 he began a collaboration with Goa Jonas and together they played in most of the major events in Goa seasons 96-98.
Leo was involved in the construction of what was then called the “Discovalley Records studio” in Chapora (Goa), and that’s where he started to make music, producing a couple of tracks in collaboration with M.I.C. (Made In Chapora) which a few were then released on the first Parvati compilations around year 2000.
After many years of experimentations, Leo Anarkick joined the force with Steven Yuga and gave birth to the project KaliYuga, also signed on Sangoma records.

Description of the masterclass:
During the class of about 6 hours, Anarkick will build a track from scratch using his signature sounds, showing functions like the Follow Actions, focusing on time saving techniques and smart ways to build transitions using FX sends to ease the process.
The class will be entirely in Ableton Live and will showcase a variety of aspects in music production and track arrangement, having as the main objective, to demonstrate how to build a track including all its complicated edits and automations using mainly the Session View.
This way of working will optimize the workflow, saving time and avoiding to “get stuck” in the arrangement.
Using the Session View as an arrangement tool gives that “live” feeling that is mostly lost in Psytrance music production nowadays and thanks to this dynamic techniques of arrangement, ideas will be flowing more and changes in the track will be easier than ever.

RMX Contest:
The project that will result from the lesson will be available to all the students, who can afterwards, participate in a remix contest.
3 will then be selected and will be released as a free e.p. in collaboration between Parvati and Sangoma records.
Deadline for the remix contest will be November 2021.


Introduction to clips & Full Track showcase
Arrangement Deconstruction & Techniques
Mixing Tips


Follow Actions:
Creative use
Arrangement use

FX Sends:
Setting up for success
Smart use of sends

Sample Processing
Kick & Bass Variations
Drum Fills & Rolls
Impacts & Swooshes


Ableton Live (Masterclass can apply to Bitwig users)

Ableton Packs
Vengeance Scope
FabFilter Pro Q 3
Native instruments Raum
Eventide Blackhole
FX-Pansion Bloom (discontinued)
Waves H-Delay
Xfer Serum
U-HE Bazille
Arturia Pigments
Extensive use of UAD Plugins (Alternatives will be discussed)

DURATION OF THE CLASS: 5 hours + 1 hour Q&A


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