N3XU5 -Future Noir - Parvati Records EP - front cover - psytrance

N3xu5 – Future Noir – EP

Future Noir is the freshly squeezed and the newest instalment from N3xu5. In the form of a digital EP, 3 brand new collaborative tracks are hereby being neurologically delivered to … Continue reading N3xu5 – Future Noir – EP

va - Parvati Records 20th Anniversary - prvda07 - featured image

VA – Parvati Records 20th Anniversary

Now after years and years of label-activity on Earth we feel there is no better way to celebrate the BIG NUMBER 20 than a double V/A.Carefully handpicked, these tracks are … Continue reading VA – Parvati Records 20th Anniversary

va - Fused Immersion -prvvcd01 - featured image

VA – Fused Immersion – CD

Parvati Records and Vantara Vichitra are happy to present their first collaboration V/A.Fused Immersion is a special crafted labour of Psychedelia bringing you 5 tracks from each Label fused to … Continue reading VA – Fused Immersion – CD

va - Brainzcrew 3 - prvcd27 - featured image

VA – BrainZcrew 3 – CD

Parvati Records is proud to present the final chapter of the BrainZcrew trilogy, assembled again, as for the previous two, by Label DJ Ilse. Brainzcrew 3, the 27th cd released … Continue reading VA – BrainZcrew 3 – CD

va - Pearls & Pixies - pxpcd01 - featured image

VA – Pearls & Pixies – CD

Parvati Records and Tokyo based label Phreex Networx have joined forces to produce this split V/A. The concept behind our work is to reinforce the already exisiting musical bridge between … Continue reading VA – Pearls & Pixies – CD

va - Turbulences - prvcd16 - featured image

VA – Turbulences – CD

Turbulences, striking with deep psychedelic tunes like a prickling trip attack. Beside Danish pioneers of the genre as Jahbo and Dronebixie providing treasures in psychedelic audio work, Parvati Records is … Continue reading VA – Turbulences – CD

va - No Time No Space - prvcd14 - featured image

VA – No Time No Space – CD

Parvati are a bit like a pet dog. Faithful, reliable they’ll always deliver the goods and quite often they’ll deliver them exactly when and where you want them to.It is … Continue reading VA – No Time No Space – CD

va - Psy Stories II - prvcd12 - featured image

VA – Psy Stories II – CD

Parvati are an institution, and I dont just mean that in the sense of a mental institution. Time after time they’ve come up with seriously good, seriously kicking psychedelic music … Continue reading VA – Psy Stories II – CD

va - Psy Stories - prvcd10 - featured image

VA – Psy Stories – CD

Parvati Rec. keeps going, and going, and going, we are here at CD nr. 10. This time the larger percentage of acts here are Danish, which of course makes sense … Continue reading VA – Psy Stories – CD

va - Psychedelically Yours 3 - prvcd08 - featured image

VA – Psychedelically Yours 3 – CD

With this release Parvati Records presents another pure full psy-trance compilation, trying to create a solid basis for all the real electronic psychedelic trance productions artists for underground dancefloors worldwide. … Continue reading VA – Psychedelically Yours 3 – CD

Split Album - Grapes of Wrath & Meteloids - Tits on Fire - prvcd07 - featured image

Grapes Of Wrath & Meteloids – Tits On Fire – CD

What would it sound like if psychotic aliens made its own music? The answer is given by Grapes of Wrath together with Meteloids with this high pressure-frequencies-driven, non-stop energy psychedelic … Continue reading Grapes Of Wrath & Meteloids – Tits On Fire – CD

va - Psychedelically Yours 2 - prvcd06 - featured image

VA – Psychedelically Yours 2 – CD

Aarhus based Parvati Records strikes again with the second part of the Psychedelically Yours serie. A new assault to our senses by the new legion of corruptors of tranceyouth. Crushing … Continue reading VA – Psychedelically Yours 2 – CD