Split Album - Psilo Cowboys, Derango & Maniac Bubbles - No Strings Attached - prvcd15 - featured image

Split Album – No Strings Attached – CD

No Strings Attached is the new establishment of Parvati Records, a label that needs no introduction and it is well known by its singular and peculiar sonorities.This time is a … Continue reading Split Album – No Strings Attached – CD

va - Psy Stories II - prvcd12 - featured image

VA – Psy Stories II – CD

Parvati are an institution, and I dont just mean that in the sense of a mental institution. Time after time they’ve come up with seriously good, seriously kicking psychedelic music … Continue reading VA – Psy Stories II – CD

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VA – First Step – CD

With tunes that hauntingly sample Willy Wonkas Oompa Loompas singing (Dark Nebula , Vulcanised in Rubber) you just know that you are in for a pure psychedelic treat.First Step is … Continue reading VA – First Step – CD