prvda12 - VA - Enter Parvati - DA - featured image

VA – Enter Parvati – DA

If the world is an oyster, you are the pearl inside. If crystals are eye-candy, music must be ear-candy.We are like tools, bending and altering consciousness, lost in sound.Twisted treats, … Continue reading VA – Enter Parvati – DA

VA - Mixed Up - Parvati Records & Sangoma Records Compilation - prvsangep02 - Featured

VA – Mixed UP – DA

Sangoma and Parvati Records proudly present our third joint release compilation assembled by our Japanese DJs Morrieo and Buzz. This release also reflects both label’s strong ties to the incredible … Continue reading VA – Mixed UP – DA

va - Attitude Adjustment 3 - prvda09 - featured image

VA – Attitude Adjustment 3 – DA

The digital story has come full circle, the third installment has been mixed down and materialised into 12 potentially attitude adjusting pieces, once again forming a Parvati Records puzzle.While it … Continue reading VA – Attitude Adjustment 3 – DA

va - Parvati Records 20th Anniversary - prvda07 - featured image

VA – Parvati Records 20th Anniversary

Now after years and years of label-activity on Earth we feel there is no better way to celebrate the BIG NUMBER 20 than a double V/A.Carefully handpicked, these tracks are … Continue reading VA – Parvati Records 20th Anniversary

va - Attitude Adjustment 2 - prvda05 - featured image

VA – Attitude Adjustment 2 – DA

The electric stampede of the Parvati Records family is yet about to initiate a transgression ultimately triggering an Attitude Adjustment.Many late nights of synthesizing have led to this combination of … Continue reading VA – Attitude Adjustment 2 – DA

Nobot - Human Update - prvep31 - featured image

Nobot – Human Update – EP

Because we love you, Nobot is delivering 4 kinky new tracks for those who want to do the human update.Besides providing a bug free update to the core of your … Continue reading Nobot – Human Update – EP

va - Attitude Adjustment - prvda03 - featured image

VA – Attitude Adjustment – DA

Attitude Adjustment is the name of a brand new musical pathogen, designed mainly to cause a contagious full body dance, as well as an optimistic approach to all surrounding matters … Continue reading VA – Attitude Adjustment – DA

Nobot - No Fun - prvda01 - featured image

Nobot – No Fun – DA

Are you in the mood for some full power dancing funky mad nighttime music?Well… Here we go: NOBOT are back with a full length album, 9 new productions that completely … Continue reading Nobot – No Fun – DA

Ectobot - Berlin Bazar - prvep22 - featured image

Ectobot – Berlin Bazar – EP

Behold the return of the outlaws – the silly people of Ectobot are back!After their first successful debut EP Ectobot (released in 2015), Ectogasmics and Nobot have teamed up again … Continue reading Ectobot – Berlin Bazar – EP

va - Future Land - prvdsp01 - featured image

VA – Future Land – USB

Parvati Records and Digital Shiva Power join forces to bring you this new release: Future Land, a USB stick containing 12 brand new tracks and 49 minutes of video / … Continue reading VA – Future Land – USB

Obelisk - The Fingerprint - prvep17 - featured image

Obelisk – The Fingerprint – EP

OBELISK is a trio consisting of ECTOGASMICS and DARKSHIRE/MAKUMBA.After plenty productive experiments, many laughs and flat out crazyness they naturally formed a single mind-set.The aim with these first 4 tunes … Continue reading Obelisk – The Fingerprint – EP

Nobot - We Call It Lowtech - prvep15 - featured image

Nobot – We Call It Lowtech

Berlin based project NOBOT is ready to hit the dancefloors with their brand new EP “We call it Lowtech“, a 4 tracks EP.After their first split release on Parvati Records, … Continue reading Nobot – We Call It Lowtech

Ectogasmics & Nobot - Ectobot - prvep12 - featured image

Ectogasmics & Nobot – Ectobot – EP

Parvati Records is happy and excited to present you our new release: A 5 tracks Digital EP written and produced as a collaboration between two projects: Our well known Ectogasmics … Continue reading Ectogasmics & Nobot – Ectobot – EP

Naked Tourist - Mad Different Methods - prvcd11 - featured image

Naked Tourist – Mad Different Methods – CD

Giuseppe and his friends at Danish Parvati Records starts 2006 with releasing the debut album from the German duo Naked Tourist. After much anticipation and a number of great teasers … Continue reading Naked Tourist – Mad Different Methods – CD

va - Psychedelically Yours 2 - prvcd06 - featured image

VA – Psychedelically Yours 2 – CD

Aarhus based Parvati Records strikes again with the second part of the Psychedelically Yours serie. A new assault to our senses by the new legion of corruptors of tranceyouth. Crushing … Continue reading VA – Psychedelically Yours 2 – CD