prvorbep04 - Tengri & Egon's Embrace - Bal & Kan - featured

Tengri & Egon’s Embrace – Bal & Kan – EP

We at Parvati Records and Orbita Parvati are thrilled to announce the release of “Bal & Kan,” a mesmerizing downtempo EP that is the result of a collaboration between two … Continue reading Tengri & Egon’s Embrace – Bal & Kan – EP

PRVEP49 - Tengri - State of Clear - front cover - featured image

Tengri – State of Clear – EP

Tengri new EP is here! We are really happy to present you the new EP by ourMacedonian storyteller Tengri! One of the “senior” producer in the ParvatiRooster is taking us … Continue reading Tengri – State of Clear – EP

VA - The Perpetual Dancefloor - Parvati Records Compilation - Featured

VA – The Perpetual Dancefloor – DA

At Parvati Records the dancefloor never stops since we started dancing in the year 2000!It continually evolves and moves. It keeps us entertained. It gives us catharsis and energy to … Continue reading VA – The Perpetual Dancefloor – DA

va - Morphing Tunes - featured image

VA – Morphing Tunes – DA

As the spring swings in bloom slowly but surely, exciting things are happening in Forestdelic and Parvati Records. Mutual understanding and sympathies about psychedelic trance music connected DJ Giuseppe and … Continue reading VA – Morphing Tunes – DA

Tengri - Spiritual Rebel - prvep36 - featured image

Tengri – Spiritual Rebel – EP

The new EP by Tengri is here!Almost 2 years after his latest work “Random Alchemy” and exactly 1 year after his Psy-Chill CD Album “Tengri and Friends” released on Orbita … Continue reading Tengri – Spiritual Rebel – EP

va - Parvati Records 20th Anniversary - prvda07 - featured image

VA – Parvati Records 20th Anniversary

Now after years and years of label-activity on Earth we feel there is no better way to celebrate the BIG NUMBER 20 than a double V/A.Carefully handpicked, these tracks are … Continue reading VA – Parvati Records 20th Anniversary

va - Bubble Universe 2 - prvsangcd02 - featured image

VA – Bubble Universe 2 – CD

We are happy to present the second chapter of the Sangoma and Parvati joint release.Again Giuseppe and Emiel have carefully crafted this selection of deep, forest friendly soundscapes from the … Continue reading VA – Bubble Universe 2 – CD

Tengri - A Course In Miracles - orbprvcd01 - featured image

Tengri and Friends – A Course in Miracles – CD

The new Album of Tengri, “A Course In Miracles”, is also the first release of Orbita Parvati the Sub Label of Parvati Records dedicated to Psy-Chill and Downtempo Experimental Psychedelic … Continue reading Tengri and Friends – A Course in Miracles – CD

Tengri - Random Alchemy - prvep26 - featured image

Tengri – Random Alchemy – EP

Parvati Records is happy to present you our first release of 2019: A 3 tracks EP by Tengri one of our most experienced producer.The 3 tracks are a clear mirror … Continue reading Tengri – Random Alchemy – EP

va - Point Nemo - prvda04 - featured image

VA – Point Nemo – DA

Parvati Records wish to the whole Psytrance Community a fantastic end of this year 2018 and like to thank You all for the constant support to the Label and the … Continue reading VA – Point Nemo – DA

Tengri - Old Soul - prvda02 - featured image

Tengri – Old Soul – DA

As last release for 2017 Parvati Records is super thrilled to present you here OLD SOUL the debut psy-trance solo album of Tengri.After the past years where his productions focused … Continue reading Tengri – Old Soul – DA

Tengri & Atriohm - Ukalen Revisited - prvep14 - featured image

Tengri & Atriohm – Ukalen Revisited – EP

6 years after the release of their album UKALEN (PRVCD17 / 2009), generally considered to be one of the milestones not only of the Parvati Records productions but also of … Continue reading Tengri & Atriohm – Ukalen Revisited – EP

Split Album - Atriohm & Encephalopaticys - Ukalen - prvcd17 - featured image

Atriohm & Encephalopaticys – Ukalen – CD

Ukalen, title of the album, is the ultimate mystical sound carpet inspired by a magic place in the Macedonian mountains where Atriohm and Encephalopaticys have written most of the music.Atriohm … Continue reading Atriohm & Encephalopaticys – Ukalen – CD