Featured image of Egon's Embrace - Parvati Records artist

Egon’s Embrace – Parvati Records artists

Egon’s Embrace is the brainchild of Mlađo Ivanović, a US based Serbian psychedelic trance producer.As a form of personal therapy, Egon’s Embrace is an alter ego, an ongoing metamorphosis that … Continue reading Egon’s Embrace – Parvati Records artists

va - Morphing Tunes - featured image

VA – Morphing Tunes – DA

As the spring swings in bloom slowly but surely, exciting things are happening in Forestdelic and Parvati Records. Mutual understanding and sympathies about psychedelic trance music connected DJ Giuseppe and … Continue reading VA – Morphing Tunes – DA

va - Bubble Universe 2 - prvsangcd02 - featured image

VA – Bubble Universe 2 – CD

We are happy to present the second chapter of the Sangoma and Parvati joint release.Again Giuseppe and Emiel have carefully crafted this selection of deep, forest friendly soundscapes from the … Continue reading VA – Bubble Universe 2 – CD

Tengri - Random Alchemy - prvep26 - featured image

Tengri – Random Alchemy – EP

Parvati Records is happy to present you our first release of 2019: A 3 tracks EP by Tengri one of our most experienced producer.The 3 tracks are a clear mirror … Continue reading Tengri – Random Alchemy – EP