Egon’s Embrace – Parvati Records artists

Egon’s Embrace is the brainchild of Mlađo Ivanović, a US based Serbian psychedelic trance producer.
As a form of personal therapy, Egon’s Embrace is an alter ego, an ongoing metamorphosis that allows me to explore parts of my personality that are often impossible to explore in everyday life. I often see myself as an anomaly in psychedelic trance world as my guiding thread in creating music is self-indulgence. I take my feelings and introspections about a world and people as a starting point and turn them into an expressive art form that is almost like a painting drawn with sounds. As such, Egon’s Embrace is very personal and expressive testimony to challenging, often harrowing, periods of my life. As a combination of despair, melancholy, anguish, joy, and ultimately hope, it is as much philosophy or poetry as it is music. I see it as an open invitation for the audience to have a voyeuristic peak into my soul and endure whatever screams back at them. After all, all I want is to create something that takes them someplace otherworldly.

In the end, although Egon’s Embrace is drawn towards the darker psychedelic sound, there is still a bit of a dreamer in it otherwise. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and drown with me.

Egon’s Embrace – Every Way to Smile, Forget and Make-Believe