Flipknot – Musicians’s Curse – EP

Flipknot - Musicians Curse - prvdg08 - front cover

Parvati Records is happy to present another free download to all our followers, this time it’s a 3 tracks release from Flipknot.
Flipknot in its 10th year of existence gifts it’s army of listeners a fresh bake of 3 tunes in form of Musician’s Curse, Eva Zandora & Acquired Taste. Hope you enjoy it and hope to see you with another free gift in another 10 yrs… – Jeete Raho
Psychedelically Yours
Parvati Records & Flipknot

Beatspace download link to Flipknot - Musician's Curse - Free EP - prvdg08 - psytrance

01 Flipknot – Musicians’s Curse
02 Flipknot – Eva Zandora
03 Spiritual Gangsta – Acquired Tastes

Artist: Flipknot
Title: Musicians’s Curse
Label: Parvati Records
Copyright: Parvati Records
Catalogue: PRVDG08
Release date: 04.12.2014
Format: Free EP – Mp3, Flac, Wav Download
Style: Psychedelic trance music, psytrance
Mastering: Onkel Dunkel Bimmelim Soundlabs
Artwork: Aashit Singh

Flipknot – Musician’s Curse playlist