Disobedient Perception – Parvati Records artist

Disobedient Perception is a project based in Denmark, in the vicinity of Aarhus. A one man project, heavily influenced and inspired by the pioneers of psytrance from this part of the world. The name of the project is given by a close friend with the same enthusiasm for foresty, funky and spacy sounds.

Music production has been my way of meditation since my late teens: electronic music has always been my primary source of music in general and after i was introduced to goa trance i have made it my mission in life to figure out how to make similar soundscapes as the music i was listening.

I am dedicating alot of time and putting a lot of energy in to learning by doing, with trials and errors, to see what works best. All steps for me to achieve the style i wish to obtain. In the past few years, i have also been learning from the legendary producers of Aarhus, occasionally by meetups with early Parvati artists at Bimmelim Soundlabs and meetups with musicians at my own level of skill.

Disobedient Perception – Hear No Evil playlist