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  • Onkel Dunkel - Connections - prvcd31 - image

Parvati Records is thrilled to publish and present you Connections: The second album written and produced by Onkel Dunkel. This time our viking producer from Denmark have joined forces and inspirations with some of his close studio-friends such as ECT, Mubali, Alrune, EVP, Petran.
Seven dancefloors blasters and one downtempo tune are the result of these collaborations which combines Onkel Dunkels maniacal research of an uncompromised clear sound and cure of details with story telling and fun elements for the dancing crowd.
Onkel Dunkel have been working intensively in the past many months on this and now we are ready to unleash it right in time for the European summer festival season 2017.
We invite you to listen, enjoy and hopefully purchase Connections in the original CD or as digital download.
Psychedelically Yours
Parvati Records & Onkel Dunkel

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01 Onkel Dunkel & Petran – Spooky Action
02 Speakerhuggers – My Name Is Seabiscuit
03 Onkel Dunkel & ECT – Rock Prostitutes
04 Onkel Dunkel & Alrune – Turd In The Punchbowl
05 Speakerhuggers – Motherhugger
06 Onkel Dunkel & Alrune – Kratlusker
07 Onkel Dunkel & EVP – More Beep, Less Sleep
08 Onkel Dunkel & Kristian Noe – Cosmic Coincidence

Artist: Onkel Dunkel
Title: Connections
Label: Parvati Records
Copyright: Parvati Records
Catalogue: PRVCD31
Release date: 28.06.2017
Format: CD & Mp3, Flac, Wav Download
Style: Psychedelic trance music, psytrance
Mastering: Onkel Dunkel Bimmelim Soundlabs
Artwork: Jerry Designs, H1H2

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