DJ Morrieo – Parvati Records

Dj Morrieo is a multi talented artist from Japan who started his music career in his teens as a Punk/Hardcore drummer and discovered the Psychedelic Trance scene in the end of the ´90.
Immediatly absorbed by this music he started Djing in 2002 and in 2016 he joined Parvati Records as Label Dj.

Morrieo’s Dj Style is very unique: his mixes are based on the rhythmics of the tracks due to his special feeling for percussions and drums. The precise mixes that he assembles in different sets are Fractal, Powerful and Danceable. In recent years, Morrieo has been actively djing not only in Japan but also in Europe and other Asian countries.
In the spring of 2023 together with Dj Buzz, Morrieo compiled a V/A, “Mixed Up”, which was released in collaboration between Parvati Records and Sangoma Records.

Beside the Djing, Morrieo works daily as a designer for his own clothing brand “CATANA” which will celebrate its 25th anniversary this year and he also active in other graphic fields: Covers, Art works, Artist logos, Flyers etc.

Recently He is immersed in music production in search of further heights and depts..

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MORRIEO DJ Set @ Parvati Anniversary Streamings