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  • Archaic - Mountain Powers - prvcd32 - back cover

Parvati Records is extremely happy and excited to present you here our new release: The new Album by Archaic, Mountain Powers. The format will be both Hard Copy (CD) and Digital (Download) and it will be available at Beatspace and all the usual shops online.
Archaic new album “Mountain Powers” is the extract of many years of sonic exploration and research.
The basic inspiration of this album comes from mythologies, ancient cults and folk stories around the world and the result of Archaic‘s work is a pure psychedelic experience, painted with the colors of ethnic-shamanism.
Mountain Powers presents 9 tracks of multilayered music where the sound image becomes alive and each sound, being designed with maximum expressing details, has a meaning.
Clear harmonics and balanced elements of dark and light, power and mildness, earth and sky, all woven with otherworldly melodies, traditional elements and o lot of rhythmical percussion’s are the characteristics of Archaic‘s music, music that can create a “sacred space” where the listener is taken into a trance state or to the non ordinary reality, in order to expand consciousness and to experience the phenomena of acoustic expansion in its full spectrum and in the end to feel oneness.
Each track has a unique story to narrate and it is written with a lot of devotion and love. Mountain Powers is radically innovative, authentic and original in its sound design and synthesis reflecting Kostas’s experience of more then 20 years in studio.
This album is like an academic research in the sphere of psychedelic trance music and its roots going further to the future!
Psychedelically Yours
Parvati Records & Archaic

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Link to Archaic - Mountain Powers - Parvati Records CD - prvcd32 - psytrance - Itunes shop

01 Archaic – Allotriomorfodiai Tone
02 Archaic – Everything Continues
03 Archaic – Far Beyond
04 Archaic – Hazelnut Twig
05 Archaic – Clairvoyance
06 Archaic – Tuvan Sky
07 Archaic – Orphic Vision
08 Archaic – Mountain Powers
09 Archaic – Standing Rock

Artist: Archaic
Title: Mountain Powers
Label: Parvati Records
Copyright: Parvati Records
Catalogue: PRVCD32
Release date: 03.10.2018
Format: CD
Style: Psychedelic trance music, psytrance
Mastering: Onkel Dunkel – Bimmelim Soundlabs
Artwork: Gaoshan Oolong

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