Behind  the  Archaic project is  Kostas  Kanlis  from  North Greece .
His musical background starts with the explosion of the punk age in the 80s and later with the first underground rave culture.
Kostas fell in love with psychedelic trance music in the beginning of the 90s when he started to spin under the name of DJ Lory, so he became one of the first DJs in Greece to play electronic music:  he was then performing in all major parties, collecting and spreading various electronic music styles and also taking part in organizing events.
Around 1996 he started to experiment and  write his own music,  alone and together with friends, creating tracks which only exist on DAT tapes under projects names such as Full Moon Unit,  Shabaladelia, Initia and others. In 2002 he released his first album “Shining Beings” as Initia:  the sound here was  experimental  and   for  the day  time.
During the years he never stopped to explore with great passion music and composition. And in 2008 released his first album  “Wildness” with project name Archaic  on english label Wildthings Records. The music had immediately a great  response and many other releases came after that, making his music more known  to  the international  psy-trance  community.  Later on he released  two EPs : “Free-quency Modulator”  and  “Cosmic Perspective”.
In 2011 Archaic released his second album “Sonic Driving” pushing up the boundaries with more night  time and  twilight  sounds.
During his trip to Goa in winter 2013, he met  Parvati family and label owner/manager Giuseppe, who gave him a  big call to go further with  his work.
His first track was then released on Parvati Records (Mushroom Power in Footprints 03 EP). This was the start of a strong relationship between Archaic and Parvati Records who published more tunes after that, and in the autumn of 2014  released  Archaic  solo EP  “Kykeon”  inspired by the mythological  realms.
Archaic’s music can be described as “narration of a journey”:  intense, powerful and groovy, characterized by deep, cosmic, mysterious and organic forest atmospheres. The music reveals fine harmony between prodigious depths and magical aerial elevations of its sound. These shamanistic soundscapes are empowering and truly alive, filled with deep mystical throbbing rhythms. Created to bring you in non-ordinary dance-state, to reveal directions towards your own source of power. Truly original,  like Kostas himself,  reminding you to simply  ‘feel once again  –  It is the magic in us’
– Dance is a free form of the ancient tradition –
Kostas also has a second music project,  psychedelic downtempo – A v a r i s  which unleashes the other side of his music exploration and in May 2013,  he presented  a debut  release  “Windgod” EP  on Spaceradio Records.
In present days,  he is working on the first  Avaris  cd  album which is planning to be released  in 2015.

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