Procs – Sol Nedupp G​å​ngen – Sol – LP

Procs - Sol Nedupp G​å​ngen - Sol - LP front cover
Procs - Sol Nedupp G​å​ngen - Sol - LP back cover

Parvati Records is honoured to introduce the new album by the Swedish musician Procs: “Sol Nedupp Gången”.
Sol Nedupp Gången” will be released as a series of three vinyls: together they will form a conceptual album with dedicated cover art to connect them all into a single artwork. A triptych.
The sound of Procs is somehow difficult to describe. Being absolutely original, characteristic and experimental it creates a universe of its own which we cannot label with a specific genre. So here at Parvati Records we thought this was the perfect music to be printed on Vinyl, the first ever in the Label’s Discography!
The first vinyl in the triptych – SOL – is a teasingly playful ride. It invites the listener to a quirky journey that starts off with a teasing and playfully relaxed touch. The music unfolds giving the listener a very visual presentation through sounds. Like a rainbow painting, a multi coloured treat that despite its edges will still hold the listener – You – in with a comforting, lurky smile that is always there to swipe you with it, if you just let go.
Procs and Parvati Records invites you to this Universe of Sounds.

Psychedelically Yours
Parvati Records & Procs

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Side 1: Vegarts Ultra
Side 2: Råkade Svälja Ett Tivoli

Artist: Procs
Title: Sol Nedupp Gången – Sol
Label: Parvati Records
Copyright: Parvati Records
Catalogue: PRVLP01
Release date: 31.03.2023
Format: VINYL / Digital
Mastering: David C. Choen @ Xexify
Artwork: Hanna Ukura & Niels Fridén

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