Elowinz – Audyurveda – CD

prvcd35 - Elowinz - Audyurveda - front cover

Parvati Records is thrilled and proud to present to you the first album by our Brazillian shaman Elowinz. After nearly two decades of deep immersion in the psytrance scene, Elowinz has established himself as a master in the art of channeling psychedelic waves.
In Audyurveda, Elowinz invites us on a journey into his alchemical library, in a compilation of spells and potions that combine the powerful ancient Ayurvedic medicine with the manipulation of audio frequencies. Each track is a sonic masterpiece, composed of hints of spices, herbs, and knowledge acquired by Elowinz on his journeys within and beyond this world.

This album is the result of years of dedication and spiritual quest, a true manifestation of Elowinz’s talent and passion for the world of psychedelic music, bringing his characteristic musical signature in the transformation of beats and harmonies into healing spells.

Come, the door is open, the journey awaits you.

Psychedelically Yours
Elowinz & Parvati Records

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1 – Elowinz – Alfazema
2 – Elowinz – Opuserenade
3 – Elowinz – Auspiciouspicies
4 – Elowinz – Space Safari
5 – Elowinz – Sois Vós
6 – Elowinz e Photophobia – Divine Synchronicity Purpose
7 – Elowinz e Metaphyz – Avaashyak Essentialee
8 – Elowinz – Audyurveda
9 – Elowinz – Tapesre Turna

Track 6 with Pablo Botelho
Track 7 with Baptiste Salmon

Artist: Elowinz
Title: Audyurveda
Label: Parvati Records
Copyright: Parvati Records
Catalogue: PRVCD35
Release date: 29.9.2023
Format: CD / Digital
Mastering: Icy Sasaki
Artwork: Gaoshan Oolong
Poetry by Arthur Mendes Soturna

Elowinz – Audyurveda