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Nobot - Human Update - prvep31 - featured image

Nobot – Human Update – EP

Because we love you, Nobot is delivering 4 kinky new tracks for those who want to do the human update.Besides providing a bug free update to the core of your … Continue reading Nobot – Human Update – EP

Archaic - Wolf and Ravens - prvep30 - featured image

Archaic – Wolf and Ravens – EP

Wolf and Ravens is the new EP written and composed by Greek psytrance producer Archaic.The EP present us 3 brand new tracks, 3 new journeys through shamanistic soundscapes, intense, powerful … Continue reading Archaic – Wolf and Ravens – EP

Vlastur Dub Band in Trance - prvep29 - featured image

Vlastur – Dub Band in Trance – EP

His first EP with us at Parvati Records – Parvati In Dub – was an experiment: Remixing in his classic Dub style 4 classic Parvati tunes.Due to the success and … Continue reading Vlastur – Dub Band in Trance – EP

Elowinz - Granjurema - prvep28 - featured image

Elowinz – Granjurema – EP

Our Brazilian forest wizard Elowinz is now ready with his second EP, Granjurema.After the big success of Sananga, his first EP released in 2016, we are thrilled to present you … Continue reading Elowinz – Granjurema – EP

Flipknot - Modular Tea Party - prvep27 - featured image

Flipknot – Modular Tea Party – EP

Flipknot is ready with 3 freshly baked goodies in form of a crispy new ep “Modular Tea Party” with one solo track and 2 tracks featuring his students Gnomon & … Continue reading Flipknot – Modular Tea Party – EP

Ectogasmics - I Need a Computer - prvdg30 - featured

Ectogasmics – I Need A Computer EP

Here at Parvati Records we are excited to present you again a Digital Gift / Free Download EP.This time our “Thanks for the Music” goes to Ectogasmics & Obelisk projects!This … Continue reading Ectogasmics – I Need A Computer EP

Tengri - Random Alchemy - prvep26 - featured image

Tengri – Random Alchemy – EP

Parvati Records is happy to present you our first release of 2019: A 3 tracks EP by Tengri one of our most experienced producer.The 3 tracks are a clear mirror … Continue reading Tengri – Random Alchemy – EP

Onkel Dunkel - Up Your Arsenal - prvep25 - featured image

Onkel Dunkel – Up Your Arsenal – EP

After his second Album Connections released in June 2017, Onkel Dunkel comes back with a 3 tracks EP revealing his latest studio compositions!Dance-floors music for party addicted people 🙂Psychedelically YoursParvati … Continue reading Onkel Dunkel – Up Your Arsenal – EP

Futuro - Coruscant - prvdg23 - featured image

Futuro – Coruscant – EP

Futuro from Mexico is giving us his second EP and again as Digital Gift / Free Download.Enjoy the ride!Psychedelically YoursParvati Records & Futuro TRACKLIST01 Futuro – Coruscant02 Futuro – Geonosis03 … Continue reading Futuro – Coruscant – EP

Lurker - Imaginary Lines - prvep24 - featured image

Lurker – Imaginary Lines – EP

Lurker is back with his 2nd exclusive EP on Parvati Records.Imaginary Lines, title of the EP, comes with 4 brand new and fresh tracks where Lurker keeps digging his own … Continue reading Lurker – Imaginary Lines – EP

Farebi Jalebi - prvdg22 - featured image

Farebi Jalebi – Free EP

Farebi Jalebi our Indian wizard living and producing in Australia gives us now 2 tracks in present: Yes…it is right…for free and here are few words from him about it:Hey … Continue reading Farebi Jalebi – Free EP

Fako - Forest Circus - prvdg21 - featured image

Fako – Forest Circus – EP

Parvati Records opens the musical year 2018 with the free EP by Brazilian project Fako, a producer from Belo Horizonte already well known in the international underground scene with his … Continue reading Fako – Forest Circus – EP

Gu - If The Party People Are United - prvdg18 - featured image

GU – If the Party People are United – EP

Parvati Records is back with a new Digital Gift / Free Download!This time the artist / producer giving us in present 5 brand new tracks is GU from Japan.Gu has … Continue reading GU – If the Party People are United – EP

Cracked Nozes - Technological Patterns - prvep23 - featured image

Cracked Nozes – Technological Patterns – EP

Cracked Nozes are back with their 2nd exclusive EP on Parvati Records.Technological Patterns comes with 4 brand new and fresh tracks that underline the unique style of this project.Cracked Nozes … Continue reading Cracked Nozes – Technological Patterns – EP

Ectobot - Berlin Bazar - prvep22 - featured image

Ectobot – Berlin Bazar – EP

Behold the return of the outlaws – the silly people of Ectobot are back!After their first successful debut EP Ectobot (released in 2015), Ectogasmics and Nobot have teamed up again … Continue reading Ectobot – Berlin Bazar – EP

Atriohm - Million Years Dance - prvep21 - featured image

Atriohm – Million Years Dance – EP

Magic in the music, this could also be the right title for Atriohm EP that we are presenting you now!Yes, right, all music is magic and still… what is coming … Continue reading Atriohm – Million Years Dance – EP

Elowinz - Sananga - prvep20 - featured image

Elowinz – Sananga – EP

Parvati Records is more than happy to present you the first EP of Brasilian producer Elowinz.Title of the EP is Sananga, word for a very powerful amazonian eye drop made … Continue reading Elowinz – Sananga – EP

Noctilus - Forest Tales - prvep19 - featured image

Noctilus – Forest Tales – EP

Forest Tales – season 1 – by Noctilus is our new Digital Release.The German producer Noctilus present us his latest works: 2 solo track and one in collaboration with Mubali.The … Continue reading Noctilus – Forest Tales – EP

Red Eye Jedi - Cernunnos - prvdg13 - featured image

Red Eye Jedi – Cernunnos – EP

Red Eye Jedi is back!And he is giving us a 5 tracks EP for free download!The South African producer, based near Aarhus in Denmark, has been musically active in the … Continue reading Red Eye Jedi – Cernunnos – EP

Claw Meets Parvati - prvep18 - featured image

Claw meets Parvati – EP

Parvati Records is very happy to present this new EP made in collaboration with CLAW. This fine and experienced producer from Cyprus have been working out 2 superb remixes of … Continue reading Claw meets Parvati – EP

Obelisk - The Fingerprint - prvep17 - featured image

Obelisk – The Fingerprint – EP

OBELISK is a trio consisting of ECTOGASMICS and DARKSHIRE/MAKUMBA.After plenty productive experiments, many laughs and flat out crazyness they naturally formed a single mind-set.The aim with these first 4 tunes … Continue reading Obelisk – The Fingerprint – EP

Vertical - Vertical II - Parvati Records EP - prvep16 - featured image

Vertical – Vertical II – EP

Our first EP for 2016 is a collection of 4 new tracks by Finnish producer VERTICAL.His sound, driving and powerfull, has matured during the past seasons reaching now a high … Continue reading Vertical – Vertical II – EP

Nobot - We Call It Lowtech - prvep15 - featured image

Nobot – We Call It Lowtech

Berlin based project NOBOT is ready to hit the dancefloors with their brand new EP “We call it Lowtech“, a 4 tracks EP.After their first split release on Parvati Records, … Continue reading Nobot – We Call It Lowtech

Tengri & Atriohm - Ukalen Revisited - prvep14 - featured image

Tengri & Atriohm – Ukalen Revisited – EP

6 years after the release of their album UKALEN (PRVCD17 / 2009), generally considered to be one of the milestones not only of the Parvati Records productions but also of … Continue reading Tengri & Atriohm – Ukalen Revisited – EP

Ulvae - Marupo - prvep13 - featured image

Ulvae – Marupo – EP

The title of this EP is MARUPO, a word for The Night Dream, the most exciting and profound dream…….symbolizing also the connections with universe, mind states and sacred geometry.The particular … Continue reading Ulvae – Marupo – EP

Ectogasmics & Nobot - Ectobot - prvep12 - featured image

Ectogasmics & Nobot – Ectobot – EP

Parvati Records is happy and excited to present you our new release: A 5 tracks Digital EP written and produced as a collaboration between two projects: Our well known Ectogasmics … Continue reading Ectogasmics & Nobot – Ectobot – EP

Confo - No Intro - prvdg09 - featured image

Confo – No Intro – EP

Parvati Records is happy to present you NO INTRO, a new Digital EP written and produced by Greek dj/producer Confo, in our opinion one of the most promising artists out … Continue reading Confo – No Intro – EP

Vlastur - Parvati in Dub - Parvati Records EP - prvep11 - featured image

Vlastur – Parvati In Dub – EP

We have finally realized a project very dear to us: The remix in dub of some Parvati Records tunes. After meeting and chilling together for some time in Goa last … Continue reading Vlastur – Parvati In Dub – EP

Flipknot - Musicians Curse - prvdg08 - featured image

Flipknot – Musicians’s Curse – EP

Parvati Records is happy to present another free download to all our followers, this time it’s a 3 tracks release from Flipknot.Flipknot in its 10th year of existence gifts it’s … Continue reading Flipknot – Musicians’s Curse – EP