Parvati Records label DJs

VA - Mixed Up - Parvati Records & Sangoma Records Compilation - prvsangep02 - Featured

VA – Mixed UP – DA

Sangoma and Parvati Records proudly present our third joint release compilation assembled by our Japanese DJs Morrieo and Buzz. This release also reflects both label’s strong ties to the incredible … Continue reading VA – Mixed UP – DA

VA - The Perpetual Dancefloor - Parvati Records Compilation - Featured

VA – The Perpetual Dancefloor – DA

At Parvati Records the dancefloor never stops since we started dancing in the year 2000!It continually evolves and moves. It keeps us entertained. It gives us catharsis and energy to … Continue reading VA – The Perpetual Dancefloor – DA

Featured image of DJ Giuseppe - Parvati Records

DJ Giuseppe – Parvati Records

Dj Giuseppe is the founder/owner and manager of Parvati Records, the well known twisted/forest psychedelic-trance music Label founded in Denmark in year 2000. Since then Giuseppe & Parvati Records are … Continue reading DJ Giuseppe – Parvati Records

Featured image of DJ Full Lotus - Parvati Records

DJ Full Lotus – Parvati Records

Full Lotus aka Arv to his friends, is a Psychedelic DJ based in London. At the age of 12 he discovered the word ‘psychedelic’ whilst reading a comic and after … Continue reading DJ Full Lotus – Parvati Records

Dj Iguana a.k.a. Naked Tourist - Parvati Records label dj

DJ Iguana – Parvati Records

Iguana, is the creative mind behind the German forest Naked Tourist project. Dj for more than 20 years and a member of the legendary record label Parvati Records since 2003. … Continue reading DJ Iguana – Parvati Records

Featured image of DJ Ilse - Parvati Records

DJ Ilse – Parvati Records

ILSE was born 1973 as Stephan Ilse in Hamburg / Germany. After school he made his alternative service and massively was infected with the psychedelic virus back in 91. He … Continue reading DJ Ilse – Parvati Records

Featured image of Dj Kimmei - Parvati Records artist

DJ Kimmei – Parvati Records

His DJ-sets, ranging from 142 – 165 BPM, often vary in style from funny, trippy weirdness over to deep and mystical to powerful or straight in the face, and always with a big focus on weaving a story. Kimmei has played sets at some of the finest underground dancefloors in Europe and Asia. In 2012, he started the project INS MITTN, who organize high quality psychedelic events in Bavaria and Austria

Featured image of DJ KT - Parvati Records

DJ KT – Parvati Records

Around 1999-2000, K.T. first got exposed to Goa psychedelic trance.In the next few years , he found himself attracted to the more organic sounds of the night heavy baselines and … Continue reading DJ KT – Parvati Records

Featured image of DJ Morrieo - Parvati Records

DJ Morrieo – Parvati Records

Dj Morrieo is a multi talented artist from Japan who started his music career in his teens as a Punk/Hardcore drummer and discovered the Psychedelic Trance scene in the end … Continue reading DJ Morrieo – Parvati Records

Featured image of DJ Sutemi - Parvati Records

DJ Sutemi – Parvati Records

A DJ for over 20 years, Sutemi started playing vinyl in 2001, but soon fell in love with psytrance, especially its underground nuances, and became one of Brazil’s pioneers in … Continue reading DJ Sutemi – Parvati Records

va - Brainzcrew 3 - prvcd27 - featured image

VA – BrainZcrew 3 – CD

Parvati Records is proud to present the final chapter of the BrainZcrew trilogy, assembled again, as for the previous two, by Label DJ Ilse. Brainzcrew 3, the 27th cd released … Continue reading VA – BrainZcrew 3 – CD

va - Brainzcrew 2 - prvcd24 - featured image

VA – BrainZcrew 2 – CD

Parvati Records happily presents the second part of the BrainZcrew serie… … compiled as the first chapter by label Dj Ilse. With this new CD, Parvati Records accommodates tracks by … Continue reading VA – BrainZcrew 2 – CD

va - Brainzcrew - prvcd19 - featured image

VA – BrainZcrew – CD

Parvati Records is happy to present this new compilation, the second produced in this year 2010 when we celebrate our 10th anniversary: 10 years dedicated to Psychedelic Trance!!After the very … Continue reading VA – BrainZcrew – CD

Naked Tourist - Mad Different Methods - prvcd11 - featured image

Naked Tourist – Mad Different Methods – CD

Giuseppe and his friends at Danish Parvati Records starts 2006 with releasing the debut album from the German duo Naked Tourist. After much anticipation and a number of great teasers … Continue reading Naked Tourist – Mad Different Methods – CD