Front Cover of Abrahadabra - Parvati Records CD - prvcd25 - psytrance

Abrahadabra aim to make music that expand consciousness… With the repeating kick we are mirroring the shamanic drum and with our digital instruments and synthesizers we produce organic soundscapes, sonic walls and magic carpets rides… Our music is danceable… Dance is the natural anti-depressive…
Abrahadabra always works with three aspects in the music: thought, will and feeling… We stimulate thought through multi-layered psychedelic sounds and intriguing rythmes, we massage the feelings through harmonic soundscapes and command the will through dance…

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01 Abrahadabra – RubberMind
02 Abrahadabra – EPIC
03 Abrahadabra – Palombini
04 Abrahadabra – SkovMumler
05 Abrahadabra – Kold Kaff´
06 Abrahadabra – Yeti
07 Abrahadabra – FriskTappet SkovFløde
08 Abrahadabra – Maskinen
09 Abrahadabra – Kragen
10 Abrahadabra – Frem til Bagskoven
11 Abrahadabra – If this is too Slow, then you´re too Young

Artist: Abrahadabra
Title: Abrahadabra
Label: Parvati Records
Copyright: Parvati Records
Catalogue: PRVCD25
Release date: 21.12.2012
Format: CD
Style: Psychedelic trance music, psytrance
Mastering: Wired Masters
Artwork: H1H2

Abrahadabra playlist