V/A – Future Land is out now!

prvdsp01_usbParvati Records and Digital Shiva Power join forces to bring you this new release: Future Land, a USB pen containing 12 brand new tracks and  49 minutes of video/audio creation titled: Dreamcloud  “the Third Planet”.
The two labels share a similar taste in music and have been working together in the past years on different levels: from parties to music exchange and cooperation between their artists, so it felt natural at this point to produce a common release on a format, USB, that is new for both of them.
Beside the 12 tracks the USB contains a thematic audio-visual project worked out by french artist Olivier who got the inspiration for this work from the  “Mystery of the third planet” by Roman Kachanov, based on the children’s science fiction novella “Alice’s Travel” by Kir Bulychov, from Alisa Selezneva book series.

We have 300 USBs for the complete release or you can download the audio files from our shop in the usual formats we offer (WAV, FLAC or MP3)

Parvati Records & Digital Shiva Power invite you to purchase and enjoy this new production and we are sure that you will enjoy with us  moving forward to the Future Land !!!

Psychedelically Yours
Parvati Records & DSP



Olivier nUagE  aka  DREAMCLOUD – “the Third Planet”.

Olivier nUagE.


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