V/A – Aarhus By Night – Out now!

Aarhus By Night is our new v/a and is dedicated to Aarhus, the town in Denmark where Parvati Records was born and where is still based today.Its also a tribute to the danish producers who for many years have been feeding with their music the Label and through it the dance-floors worldwide. We have to go back to the year 2004 when, with the album Tits On Fire, the so called danish-psy-sound was defined and since then the producers from Aarhus have been one of the backbones of the Label’s development.
8 brand new tracks from Aarhus and a super special bonus: a previously unreleased track by Derango, actually the last and latest produced by the swedish duo Jens & Ola. They participate in the v/a as “special guests” due to their close friendship and influence on the danish producers.

We think that such a special release deserves a hard copy and so we have prepared a limited number of Digipack Cds. Aarhus By Night is also available as Digital Download.

Psychedelically Yours
Parvati Records

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