A Digital Gift from Vertical !!!

Vertical and Parvati Records have a new gift ready !

Vertical II is the second EP by finnish producer Vertical and now for the ones who will buy the EP there will be a very interesting gift:
We have  included to the release-package a new zip file: “Vertical Sounds – Psy n’ Stuff” preset bank for Synth1 virtual synthesizer.

The bank has 100 presets in total: some basic sounds, plenty of delicious leads, effects and pads.
Hint: Click OPT-button in Synth1 to load the presets.

Synth1 is available as a Free Download from here

Those who have already purchased the EP will receive this bonus gift via e-mail.



So…enjoy Vertical music and have a go with some of his presets, sounds and effects !!!


Psychedelically Yours
Vertical & Parvati Records



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