Parvati Mandala 2015

Start: 26/09/2015 18:00 - End: 27/09/2015 18:00

Parvati Mandala 2015

Start: 26/09/2015 18:00 - End: 27/09/2015 18:00


Parvati Records’ 15th Anniversary Tour with special guests and local support.
Over 30 hours of music and meditation in a beautiful outdoor location.


United States of America

Parvati artists playing:

  • I consider myself a world citizen, I am a nomadic spirit and I feel alive when I am on the road !!!!
    My first encounter with the scene happened in 1986 @ full moon party in Baga Beach, Goa.

  • Mubali is the musical project of Greg Farley, based in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. His style is geared to provide enjoyment for the head, ass, and soul.

  • Jahbo was born in 1981 in a hippie society in the north of Denmark. As a basic member of Parvati Records he started to appear on this label acts like a pioneer in the psytrance scene.

  • Onkel Dunkel is the solo project of Monno, member of G.O.W.

    The goal is hopefully with music as a medium to let people listening be able to go into a state that is normally not possible to reach in our noisy environments.

    With technology as an intermediary i try as hard as i can to reintegrate human consciousness with nature. New age babble apart i confess openly to be an incurable gear slut. All things that go ping and/or light up when receiving midi messages seem to be piling up at my place.

  • Three words describe best what Noctilus is about:

    Forest * Trance * Music

    groovy, organic, harmonic, alive....