Atman Festival 2017

Start: 28/01/2017 11:00 - End: 02/02/2017 14:00

Atman Festival 2017

Start: 28/01/2017 11:00 - End: 02/02/2017 14:00


ATMAN festival is not just a party: we want to leave a sign and to use our power and energy to make a dream reality.
What we intend to create through our project is a common social space with the purpose of promote art, culture and the respect of the environment.
In a really soon future we will be able to build a self sustainable cultural village, founded on the sharing of knowledge and the exchange between different cultures.

The whole project will be based on the respect of the local cultures and population, on the relationship of reciprocity that we are already establishing with them, on the support of the local products and on the creation of an environmentalist conscience, in order to protect the amazing nature that, year after year, is hosting our festival.

We want our vision to join the local communities needs and to work together and cooperate in order to be able to learn from each other and to propose a useful project that will be accept and understood by both parts.
During each event we encourage the usage of only local, organic and natural products and the recycling of wastes. We decided to build the structures and the decorations of the Festival using mostly materials that we naturally find in the location of the party, in order to respect the environment and not to pollute the breathtaking srilankan nature. We fully support and promote small srilankan family enterprise, the farmer�s market and handcrafted artisanal products.


Sri Lanka

Parvati artists playing:

  • I consider myself a world citizen, I am a nomadic spirit and I feel alive when I am on the road !!!!
    My first encounter with the scene happened in 1986 @ full moon party in Baga Beach, Goa.

  • Arjuna was born in the Himalayas in India in 1982 Ever since, he has had a unique and interesting journey through life. He grew up in Goa, the mecca of psy trance.

  • Thanasis Confo is dj/producer based in Athens. Born with an italian/greek background he started, very young, to study music theory and play violin.

  • Ectogasmics is containing of two halves of a brain that are constantly competing with each other, complimenting, melding together, stirring each others brew into one entity.

  • Sometimes it’s quite funky to be a nobot. ‘No robot no fun’ you’d say. But that’s only half the story. There’s a huge evergrowing pulsating brain that rules from the centre of the Ultraworld, directly connected to Nobot’s DAW – if USB is working.

  • Dj Mikel, from Italy, began his career behind the decks in year 2000, when he started playing music at techno-trance parties. Around same time he discovered his passion for mystical Indian atmospheres

  • Three words describe best what Noctilus is about:

    Forest * Trance * Music

    groovy, organic, harmonic, alive....

  • Jahbo was born in 1981 in a hippie society in the north of Denmark. As a basic member of Parvati Records he started to appear on this label acts like a pioneer in the psytrance scene.

  • Vlastur started his journey into music as a bass player.

    Back in the mid-80's, he was a founding member of the Cohash Funk, an underground funky group.

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