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Mikkel Pedersen


Hello fellow space oddities!
In ’98 at the outskirts of Århus (Denmark) I started to listen to Goa and Psychedelic Trance music and at the same time I started to fiddle around with the idea of creating some sort of electronic compositions: playing around with computers trying to generate sounds and patterns. It was the artist known as Drone Bixie that later got me hooked on producing trance.
In 2004 my first stage perfomance took place in Denmark, followed by gigs in Poland and Belgium, mainly with the new born project AnnoyingNinjas, a collaboration between Oginok and me, but we were also jockeying music from our local friends from Denmark – majorly artists we all know well today from Parvati Records.
In 2005 my first track came out and after that 13 more was released until today, on labels such as Sanaton, Yggdrasil, Cosmic Theatre, Trishula and Apoxina Records. Over the years i have performed in more than 10 different countries, organized parties and danced my *** off !!!
Since 2008 I have been spending a lot of time improving my skills as a DJ. Tired and sad about the selections and styles presented by the majority of the DJ’s I encountered on my travels, I had a a clear sensation that i could bring something good to the stage. This was proven several times during the ’09/10 season in EU and Goa.
In early 2010 Giuseppe asked me if i wanted to join the label, as a natural development both for me and the label itself. Flexible as for day and night and with high emphasis on the word Psychedelic DJ Zoolog takes you on a journey that will change your life…. for the better!

Demo sets


No. Artist Title Label
1 Abrahadabra Epic Parvati Records
2 Nxum Implicit Implications Mighty Quinn
3 Freak Planet & Petran Outside the Box Sonic Loom
4 Farebi Jalebi Worlds Collide
5 Fagin’s Reject Skull Psynon Records
6 Hallucinogenic Horses Sea Biscuit Lost Theory
7 Abyss Ooze Las Afueras Del Adentro Sanaton
8 Time for Slime Birdman Sonic Chakras & Real Vision
9 Mark Day Designed by Nature Blue Hour Sounds
10 Red Eye Jah Tekno Tirsdag Parvati Records

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Country: Denmark

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