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At the night of the full moon, I was born in Hida Takayama. There is the sacred Mountain area in middle of Japan Island.

My first encounter with the Psychedelic Trance scene happened in 1999 full moon Equinox @ Goko Bokujo Nagano Japan, with decorations by Avikal from Antaris.

That experience changed my life and the way i was looking at the world : my music sense, my values and…..in one word: Everything.
It was the beginning of my Psychedelic journey !!

My next step was in 2002 when I started my Psychedelic Trance DJ career and in 2004 i travelled for first time to GOA.

After that travel, back home I started organizing underground party in m town in Japan, inviting at that time a lot of domestic and also International great artists.

During the 90’s and until the Millennium I used to play drums in Punk rock and Hardcore bands. Those rhythm feeling based on my Dj beat mixing style. Driving, Fractal and Full power groove.

If you could have a chance, Dance with me. I can take you to the Another dimension.

I have also been working on Graphic Design and making clothes for my own brand CATANA since 1998 and recently I have designed some T-shirts and CD covers for Parvati Records.

Let’s Blast and Have fun together!

see you around there soon.

Demo sets


No. Artist Title Label
1 Gidra Tarantula Parvati Records
2 Nobot & Obelisk The Commodore Parvati Records
3 Arjuna Unintended Consequences Parvati Records
4 Confo Pink Future Parvati Records
5 Obelisk Evil Torch Parvati Records
6 Gu Season 2 Insomnia Records
7 Samadhi & Cosmic Baba Anjuna Blues MIlega Records
8 Drury Nevil + Ordo Ab Chao First Session Sonic Loom
9 Quixotics Magnetic Fields
10 Suzi Leather Trump

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