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Coma Sector is a project born in November 2006 from the sound fusion between 2 Italian artists and friends, ANNXIA & VORTEK , during an illuminating holiday trip to Goa.

The 2 artists have the same cultural background: cyberpunk, industrial music, psychedelia & altered states of mind and loads of party spirit. Musically active since 2000, they played together in a death-prog metal band, “Entropy Engine”.

In 2002 they started their first electronic experiments with an industrial touch.

In 2003 they began to collect their first friendships and experiences bound to the world of raves, thing that hurled the 2 artists into the world of electronic music and illegal parties.

In 2004, together with the master of ceremony THX, they melt to form the tribe “INTERZONE INC.” and started to organize and play in various rave parties, with a hardware live set first made of techno and minimal, and later with a more psychedelically oriented style and sound.

With the project COMA SECTOR their aim has been blending together 2 different styles of 2 very closed friends: the martial grooves, analogic basslines and dark atmospheres of Annxia mixed with the cyberdelic rhythms and psychotic synths of Plastic Choice to create the unique sound of COMA SECTOR, a special and researched style of psytrance that puts together the dark and hypnotic tones of dark trance with the dynamic grooves of full on, with many references to the worlds of experimental and industrial music.

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