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Baba Yaga: Electronic music is my passion since I was 12. After school I have moved from USSR, where I was born and raised, to England where I have been studying Music Technology at Liverpool Community College.

At that time I was involved on some early House and Trance productions till the summer of 2002 when friend of mine invited me to the little friend’s party in the Netherlands where accidentally I have been infected by the “mystical” psychedelic microbe…w00t hehe!

This music was bothering my ears for a while, until I fully discovered it and then fell in love with it! I could not resist that magical power of the Psychedelic sound, and in the year of 2004 I’m appearing as Dj at friends parties in Berlin, Germany. A couple of years later I’m releasing my first experimental Psychedelic tunes by free Net releases under project wi’][‘ch. Much positive feedback is keeping me working on my sound and very soon I was involved on CD releases by Triplag Music and Trishula Records.

While experimenting with sound synthesis and energies flows “natural” development brings me to even deeper Psychedelic soundscapes creations.

At beginning of the year 2010 my new project Baba Yaga has began it’s existence and have been assigned by Parvati Records. At the present time I’m working on my debut album and some very nice collaborations is happening with Kerlivin, Gidra, Stranger…so do expect to hear new ground shaking tunes in the near future.

Last but not least, as well as the Live/Dj sets there is Mastering service available! See you at the dance floor^^

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