Parvati Records is an independent record label started in Denmark during the summer 2000 with the wish to contribute actively to the growth of the Psy-trance scene and with the vision of creating a platform to support and spread the development of the Psychedelic culture expressed through Music.

One of the basic concepts of Parvati Records is to be focused on quality: quality for our productions and the way the music is given out as a service for the scene which also means quality in the relationships between the label, the producers/composers and the listeners.

Another quality for us is not only to have an open mind towards what is musically happening in the scene, but also to take an active part and try to stimulate change with our label´s activities. Parvati Records have so far released music composed by 134 different projects and this is the concrete application of our label’s philosophy: “Diversity into Unity” where the Unity is given by the common psychedelic research and the Diversity by the individual inspirations and expressions.

Finally with our Label’s work we wish to contribute in the building of a global bridge, unifying people through the values of
Community, Love, Fun, Responsibility for the Self, the Others, Mother Earth.

And in the end…… “It is all about the Music”!!

Psychedelically Yours

Parvati Records